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Bring your bass to Hollywood, and improve your groove in any style from funk to punk.

Sessions Include:

  • Rhythm Section Workshop: Group performance and chart reading
  • Bass Playing Technique: Covers correct posture, hand position, picking, and muting
  • Studio Recording: Performing in the digital recording environment
  • Fretboard Basics: Applying scales & harmony to the bass neck
  • Additional style-specific seminars will be included
  • Previous seminars have included Upright Bass, Funk, Punk, Hard Rock, Metal, and Slap Bass


Grab your sticks and drop some fresh beats while spending a week at MI’s state-of-the-art Hollywood campus.

Sessions Include:

  • Developing Your Groove: Improving sense of basic rhythms
  • Applying Techniques: Advanced rudiments in a variety of styles
  • Contemporary Drum Concepts: Examples of important rock drummers
  • Music Minus One: Sequenced tracks and basic chart reading
  • Additional style-specific seminars will be included
  • Previous seminars have included Timekeeping, Polyrhythm and Double Bass, Jazz, Chartwriting, and Recording


Bring your axe to Hollywood and spend a week taking your skills to the next level.

Sessions Include:

  • Guitar Performance: Ensemble workshop, chart reading, setup & stage presence
  • Guitar Technique: Performance styles & techniques
  • Additional style-specific seminars will be included
  • Previous seminars have included: Guitar Effects, Funk Guitar, Metal, Shred, Blues, Slide Guitar and Jazz


Sessions Include:

  • Keyboard Technique: Exercises for scales, patterns, and arpeggios
  • Groove: Group performance focusing on rhythm
  • Improvisation: Blues/jazz chord progressions and tonalities
  • Additional style-specific seminars will be included
  • Previous seminars have included: Chord Voicings, Blues Keyboard, Funk, Sound Design, and Songwriting


Develop the dynamic range and power of your natural singing voice, and hit the stage with your own band!

Sessions Include:

  • Vocal Technique: Proper breathing, warm-ups, practice habits & vocal health
  • Sightsinging: Music notation, scales, rhythms and melodies
  • Vocal Performance: Rehearsal techniques with a live band, charts, and set-lists
  • Additional style-specific seminars will be included
  • Previous seminars have included: Blues Vocals, Rock, Jazz, Extreme/Metal, Country and Folk

    In just one week, you’ll customize, assemble and oil finish an electric guitar—and then it’s yours to take home!

    Sessions Include:

    • Plan & Cut Body: Using machine tools and handcrafting to create a headstock
    • Electronics: Covers controls, pickups, soldering and wiring
    • Hardware & Assembly: Install pre-selected hardware, learn techniques for set-up and fine-tuning
    • Finish the Neck: Sanding, applying grain filler, staining and oil finish


    Use professional recording gear to record, mix, and edit a band while learning to be part of a creative audio engineering team on a dub stage and in studios.

    Sessions Include:

    • Logic and ProTools 101: Basic concepts of recording/editing on a digital audio workstation
    • Tracking, Overdubs & Edits: The elements of recording a song
    • Mixing: Fader balance, automation, EQ & compression
    • Prior seminars have included Beat Production, Film Mixing, and Live Sound


    Sessions Include:

    • Beat-matching: Learn to beat-match on the latest gear from Pioneer and Technics
    • Beat-making and Remixing: Produce original compositions with the latest production software
    • DJing with Serato DJ and Traktor: DJ techniques with Digital Emulation Software
    • Turntablism: Learn about the art of scratching with vinyl, CDJs, and Serato
    • Sound Design Workshop: Using software synths to create your own instruments and samples


    Learn how to write, produce, and market your original songs with a crash course in how to get your music heard.

    Sessions Include:

  • Songwriting: Song structure, style, lyrics, and melody
  • Digital Music Production: Audio technology, keyboards and software
  • Video Scoring: Composing musical backgrounds for video
  • DIY Promotion: How to make fans and market your work
  • Project Advising: Get assistance from music business experts
  • Additional style-specific seminars will be included.
  • Prior Seminars have included:
    • Artist Development
    • Making Money with Your Music
    • Performance and Stage Presence
    • Artist Branding/Marketing
    • Networking in the Music Business