What is Musicians Institute's Summer Shot program all about?

We are a non-competitive performing summer camp for boys and girls ages 12 and over, beginners to advanced. Guitar, Bass, Drum, Keyboard and Vocal courses are offered for all levels, ages and styles including blues, jazz, rock, acoustic, classical and songwriting.

Students can also enroll in programs to build an electric guitar, learn to work the turntables, and produce their own tracks using the latest production software. Summer Shot offers three schedules: One regular week, extended day week, and a two week overnight.

Where is Musicians Institute and how do I get my children there?

MI is located in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles, where much of the entertainment industry lives and breathes and right off of the iconic Hollywood Boulevard. The campus is accessible through many major freeways, along with our convenient location close to public transportation via the L.A. Metro.

How many campers and staff do you have each session?

In 2017, Summer Shot counted 80 students during all three programs, and we expect for the number to rise. To assure that every student has thorough guidance and equal instruction time, we have TK staff members and instructors ready to help at any moment.

Why should we trust you – we just found you on the internet?

Musicians Institute was established as a guitar school, Guitar Institute of Technology, in 1977, and its history and legacy in music continues to be proven and respected. As years passed, GIT became Musicians Institute after adding more instrument performance programs, bringing in students with a very diverse skillset and goals.

Today, MI boasts programs in everything from music production to composition, and our alumni can be counted amongst some of the most well known, and rising stars, in the music world. Our Summer Shot program is designed to give younger students the chance to get a taste of what a future career in musi

Who looks after my child?

Musicians Institute instructors and teaching assistants will be camp counselors for the duration of the program.

Can my child call home?

Yes, your child will be able to call home all days out of the week.

Explain your price please?

Our price for Summer Shot (one week camp) includes the week of instruction for $1500.

Our price for Summer Shot: Music Intensive (two week camp) includes two weeks of instruction, field trips, and transportation for $3600.

We offer limited housing only for the two week program for $900 per week.

We offer meal options for the two week program for $440.

We offer meal options for the one week program for $200.

We are offering a 10% early bird sign up discount until April 15th.

Will my child be the only new camper?

Absolutely not. Many of our students are going to camp and music school for the first time, so they will all have moments to interact and bond over this shared experience!


Camp Leader: Reggie Gregorio
Phone: 800-ALL-PLAY

Founded in Hollywood in 1977, Musicians Institute offers a wide variety of music degrees and areas of concentration in the field of contemporary music.